Doug Chamberlain
”Tom Funk provides leadership, vision and the ability to make tough decisions which will help any operator get the most out of their center. Tom has taken ‘Big Box’ operations to a new level with his hands-on experience opening and operating ‘Red’s’, his upper management experience successfully developing ‘U.S. Play’, and his Executive level experience creating, refining and growing the ‘Brunswick XL’ brand and chain. Tom’s experience in building up an organization leads to ‘straight talk’ about management decisions. His knowledge of food and beverage, group business and parties can greatly assist a client with creating better menus, streamlining costs and better providing their customer a quality/profitable product. His understanding of multi-venue centers gives the client someone who understands what it takes to deliver world class service to all four corners of the building. There isn’t a person in the industry today who knows more about what makes a business like this tick.”

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